Meet your Pittsburgh Bar Trivia Hosts



Kate is from Belle Vernon, PA.  She is currently a school teacher during the day.  Kate has a big Italian family but her chosen family includes Scott (her boyfriend), Crosby (her shorkie), Marc (her devilish Kitten), and Rose (Marc's accomplice).  Kate enjoys knitting, singing, watching "Nailed It" and other Netflix specials. She enjoys traveling, and playing video games. 


Why do you like calling trivia?


"Going to trivia was my favorite college tradition.  And I am UNDEFEATED in 'Trivia Crack'.'

Kate will be the new host at Carnivores every Monday at 6:15pm!




Alice is new to Pittsburgh Bar Trivia from Orlando, Fl. She can't share too many details about her day job other than it is of a "secret" nature. Alice enjoys costume design in her free time. She is one of 6 children and has a daughter of her own who she calls her "tiny adorable demon".

Why do you like calling trivia?


"I love people"!


Alice will be hosting at Jabby Joe's every Thursday at 7pm! 



Brendan works his day job in Merchandising at the Home Depot.  He calls Pittsburgh home.  Brendan's family consists of his mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law.  He enjoys mountain biking, concerts, vacations, travel, and group chats with friends.


Why do you like calling trivia?


"Alex Trebek and Bob Barker are my idols!  This is just a step into greatness...Also being a lifelong learner is a key to life."


Brendan will be hosting at the Rochester Inn every Tuesday at 7pm! 



We are happy to welcome Alyssa!  She works during the daytime as an Americorps member at the Westmoreland Conservation District. Her hometown is fabulous Pittsburgh, PA.  Alyssa has a younger brother, a mom, and a dad!  She enjoys reading, puzzles, going outdoors, and watching horrible horror and Nicholas Cage movies.  

Why do you like calling trivia?

"Learning new facts and knowing the answer to a question no one else does!"

Come visit Alyssa every Wednesday at Colonial Grille at 8pm. 



Regis:  In the daytime, you can find him as a superhero in training (don't ask which one though, all good superheroes are in disguise).  He hails from McKeesport. Regis enjoys canoeing, kicking tunes, and photography.  

Why do you like calling trivia?

"Beer, knowledge, and cool people, the perfecto combo."

Regis will be at The Rose Bar and Grill  on Mondays at 8pm and on Thursdays at Voodoo New Kensington at 6pm!


Dana was born and raised in the fair city of Pittsburgh, PA!  By day, Dana works as an inventory planner for Aerie.  She enjoys exploring new areas and making the most of the weekend.

Why do you like calling trivia?

"Watching people's reactions as answers are called- and the beer of course! :) "

Dana can be seen every Thursday at Billy's Roadhouse at 7pm and on Tuesdays at 7pm at Brick Shop!



Jess is from White Oak, Pa. and works as an event DJ (CHECK HER OUT) when she isn't hosting trivia, along with being a mom. Her 2 sons are Finn and Rowan, and her husband Riley and their dog Floyd make up the rest of her family. She loves music and movies, as well as putting things in her online shopping cart and maybe buying them. 


Why do you like calling trivia?


"It's cool to hear your voice project across the room, plus, people listen to me, which doesn't happen often". 


Jess is currently doing special events and the occasional guest appearance for Pittsburgh Bar Triva.


To quote Rachel, "I do it all for UPMC health plan in the mall." Rachel is from Pittsburgh and lives in Millvale and grew up in McCandless. Her parents are Patti and Bob. She has two younger sisters named Krissi and Tori. Her hobbies are taking care of plants, crafting (mostly knitting and crocheting) and drinking good beer.

Why do you like calling trivia?

"I like hosting trivia because I learn a lot about everything."


You can find Rachel at Paradise Island on Wednesdays from Memorial Day through Labor Day at 7pm and helping out at many of our other shows from time to time! 

Joe and Melissa


Joe and Melissa are the owners of Pittsburgh Bar Trivia. Prior to owning the company, they worked as hosts for nearly 2 years. In addition to hosting trivia and working as owners/operators, Melissa is a elementary school teacher and Joe works as a Front Office Manager for Hilton. They were both born and raised in Pittsburgh, and have never lived anywhere else.  Joe and Melissa were married in 2016. They have three dogs,  Slugger who is a 7 year old beagle terrier mix, Sasha who is a 5 year old pit bull, and Bruiser who is a 4 year old beagle. Melissa loves to sing and play video games in her free time. Joe loves any and all sports and enjoys visiting and trying new bars and restaurants around the city. 


Why do you like calling trivia? 


Melissa: "I like meeting new people and trying new places! Plus, I always learn something new!"


Joe: "I love watching people in intense discussion over an answer that is incredibly simple. I like getting to build a relationship with the teams that play every week and getting to know them personally".


Be sure to stop by and say hello if you see Joe an Melissa out at any of our great shows!



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