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Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates about our trivia league.


League Information:

Registration is FREE

Compete weekly for your chance to win:

1) The regular season league winner prize of a $100 Visa Gift Card 

2) The 3rd place league finals prize of $250 cash

3)The 2nd place league finals prize of $500 cash 

4) The 1st place league finals prize of $1,000 cash

*League finals prizes awarded after the top 20 regular season league teams make it through the semifinals and the top 10 semifinalists make it into the finals game.

League Scores:

See all league scores below.  Please email Melissa ( if you have any concerns about your scores.  Scores are updated the Saturday or Sunday following the week of play.  A score of 0 indicates you did not play, a blank score indicates that we have not yet received your scores from the host to make that determination.


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